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kazuyoshi ARAI

Qualified as a ski and trekking guide of Japan mountain guides association


I started snowboarding at the age of 15, getting pleasure out of mountain life style ever since then. Spent 5 snow seasons at different regions across Canada since 2001 with learning things from a number of experiences in the snow field and amazing people I met there. I was let to find my mountain life in Niseko, which is acknowledged to have some of the best powder skiing, snowboarding in the world. After working at two different guide companies based in Niseko, established Trive Mountain Guides Hokkaido in 2016.


you can find backcountry skiing and snowboarding to be fun and get excited especially moment of skiing and snowboarding 

in deep powder snow under the blue sky. But you can find more than that. Let me find things not before in your life and impressive experiences i've never had together with you. i'd like to share a special time together with smile!


Make your precious day so special with us!!

Waiting for you in this great field.                

Niseko Guided Backcountry Tour

Four big ski resorts are spread out over foot of one mountain, Annupuri. From that peak, you can see snowcapped mountain ranges. Youtei, Iwaonupuri, Nitonupuri, Chisenupuri and more than 10 peaks in Niseko area. All is the field we take you for backcountry tours. We think about where to go and which route would be the best each day based on the weather conditions and requests from the guests. We’re sure you enjoy the plenty of dry powder specific to Hokkaido. We directly take you to local hot springs around this area after the tour.

1 Group (1~4 Guests) 1 Guide : 51,200 YEN +tax

5〜 +12,800 +tax yen per guest


★Backcountry gears, Skins/Snowshoes are required.

Rental gears are available but Rental fee is not included in price above.​

Niseko Lift Access Guided Powder tour
We use lifts to access the backcountry from Niseko United Ski Resort with minimum hiking. It enables you to enjoy powder skiing with time efficiency on the day of your trip.

There are 11 gates accessible to backcountry areas from Niseko United Ski Resort.If weather permits, we take a route behind the mountain from the peak of Annupuri and Iwaonupuri is also accessible from there.

Based on the weather conditions, Moiwa, Rusutsu, Kiroro and Sapporo Kokusai could be an option.

1 Group (1~4 Guests) 1 Guide : 51200 YEN +tax

5〜 +12,800 yen +tax  per guest

Areas other than Niseko
There are many destinations for backcountry tours around Hokkaido. And this could be our specialty to offer the tours with our knowledge and experiences here in Hokkaido.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any destination preferences. We can discuss even before your trip and also on the day of the tour based on the conditions. Please let us know your ideas and how you’d like to enjoy the days in Hokkaido. Multiple day tour is also possible.

We can arrange your tour!

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